Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Skecher's Shape-Ups...

About 2 months ago I started to hear about new sneakers on the market that help speed up the toning process.  Yes, it sounded too good to be true but I am desperate.  Three young children does not allow for much time to exercise unless you count baby bouncing and playing monster with my three year olds!  Of course I bought right into the hype and ordered myself a pair of Shape-Ups by Skechers!

I am not going to lie.  The Shape-Ups are not exactly what I would call cute or even attractive however they are not hideous and the style I got actually looks decent with jeans, almost like a stacked hiking boot.  Besides, I will quit being a slave to fashion if it means the mere act of standing will give me tighter glutes! In addition to tighter glutes here are some of the claims of what Shape-ups are designed to do:  promote weight loss, strengthen the back, firm calf and buttock muscles, reduce cellulite, tone thighs, increase cardiovascular health, improve posture, reduce stress on knee and ankle joints, promote weight loss and establish world peace.  Ok, I made that last one up but you can probably see why I was so anxious to try these out!

So, after 2 months of wearing these shoes pretty regularly (at least a couple hours on most days) here is my take.  I have lost a few pounds as well as a few inches.  I am not sure if this is 100% related to the shoes (I DID just have a baby 5 months ago) but I am not doing any organized exercise or anything I wasn't doing pre Shape-ups.  The very best part of the shoe though is how comfortable they are.  They really do force you into having good posture.  The sole of the shoe is curved (to mimic walking in the sand) so you have to use your core muscles to balance.  I am able to wear these shoes while I am chasing after the kids and doing normal day-to-day activities with no problem.  The booklet included with the shoes recommended starting off with short spurts of wearing to reduce soreness but I did not do that.  I am sort of an "all in" type of gal and, while I could definitely "feel the burn" the next day it was nice to know the shoes might be working!

I would definitely recommend these shoes.  I think the promises might be a little over the top but I am a believer in at least a few of the claims.  If you do a lot of walking, have a bad back or just want to add a little "oomph" into your every day activities these shoes are a must.  Oh, and for you vertically challenged ladies like me, these puppies give you a couple of additional inches....bonus!

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