Monday, April 19, 2010

Taggie's Plush Baby Doll...

Those of you who have had babies know about the "tag phenomenon".  No matter what toy you put in front of your baby, if it is adorned with some sort of tag, they are going to go for that.  The Taggies Company has a whole line of products which cater to those tag loving babies and one of my favorites is the Plush Baby Doll.

This cute little doll is just the right size for baby hands and is crafted of super soft fabric of different textures.  The feet and hat are trimmed with silky satin.  Then, or course, there are the tags.  There are 10 tags to keep your baby happy and they all have a different print or color (cows, numbers, teddy bears).  My nearly 6 month old daughter LOVES this doll and just can't get enough of inspecting each tag and chewing on them as well.  This chewing part brings me to the next part of why I love this sweet faced dolly...she is washable!  Yep, after your little angel drools all over her, simply toss her in the washing machine and let her air dry...good as new!

The Taggies Company has a slew of different tag covered toys, blankets and books and all are incredibly reasonably priced with most items falling in the $10-$20 range.  These items are fantastic baby shower gifts!

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