Monday, May 24, 2010

Design & Drill Activity Center...

Like most children their age my guys love anything relating to tools.  When I came across the Design and Drill Activity Center by Educational Insights I just knew we had to have it. 

The Design and Drill Activity Center is a a play set that includes an activity board, 120 brightly colored bolts, power drill, 3 drill bits, wrench, and a screw driver.  The basics of this set are simple, use the tools to fill in the holes on the activity board.  The drill has both a forward and reverse button making it easy for little hands to get busy working.  The act of drilling and removing 120 bolts is enough to make my boys happy for good chunks of time (gotta love a toy that can do that!) and I really like that it is working those fine motor skills.  Also included with the set are 20 activity cards, each with a different design (flower, boat) depicted for little ones to create with the different colored bolts.  My boys have been so into the very basics of this toy that we have not even really gotten to the design portion of it.  I think I will work on introducing those soon.

The Design & Drill Activity Center is made from a very sturdy plastic which can withstand even the roughest of designers (trust me, we put this to the test!).  The bolts are in bright, primary colors which are pleasing to the eye and the noise of the drill (which takes 2 AA batteries) is not too loud (or annoying!).   The manufacturer recommends ages 3-8 for this toy and I think it is right on.  Once kids get into copying and creating patterns I can see this having some real staying power.  One thing to note is that while the bolts are chunky in size, they could still be problematic if you have a "mouther" so look out for choking hazards.  The set is priced at just under $30 and earns a big recommendation from this mom.


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