Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Designs 2-U Baby Safe Feeder

Solid foods and teething are now in full swing with my 6 month old daughter.  Now that I am in the thick of this stage again I am remembering the things that made this stage a little easier.  One of my favorite tools of the trade is the Designs 2-U Baby Safe Feeder. 

This handy little gadget is a safe way to give your little munchkin fruit pieces.  You simply put a piece of fruit in the removable net and screw on the handle.  Presto...your baby can hold onto the feeder like a rattle and gum pieces of banana, mango, grape or whatever else his/her palate craves.  I am also a big fan of putting frozen fruit (particularly grapes) in the feeders as a teething aid.  The cold fruit soothes those poor little gums while providing a nice little frozen treat. 

The feeder is made of a heavy duty plastic and can take the beatings of a baby playing drop the feeder onto the tile over and over again.  The feeder and the mesh nets can be washed in the dishwasher.  Now a bit about cleaning....the nets can get a little "oogie" particularly after bananas.  Immediately after using I rinse them and give them a little soak before putting them in the top rack of the dishwasher....this usually works but sometimes they need a little extra scrubbing.  I suggest buying a set of the replacement bags to have on hand as well.

These baby feeders are a MUST have in this house.  They give babies a tool in which to feed themselves while also helping out with those tough days of teething.  Stock up!

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Carrie & Brandon said...

On your suggestion I bought several of these to have on hand when the girls were young and I loved them! What a great way to get some nice fresh fruit in their diet.