Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Few Announcements...

I wanted to take a few minutes for a few RBM announcements....

First of all, I finally have an official Reviewed By Mom Twitter account.  Woo-Hoo and welcome to the technological world to me!  You can follow me (please, please, please!)  Here.  I will post updates there regularly.  Feel free to leave me your Twitter information and RBM will follow you too.

Secondly, I was just interviewed on a work from home can this be work when it is so much fun??  I wanted to share the link in case anyone wanted to check it out.  It was kind of exciting to see my mug plastered on another website :).

Lastly, just a reminder to get your entries in for the Turtle Splash Giveaway.  You don't want to miss out on a chance for this great prize!

That is it for now.  Check back often because I am working on a bunch of really fun reviews that I am anxious to share.  As always, thanks so much for reading and feel free to leave any comments....I just love feedback!


J.Anderson said...

Happy Friday Follow, I am following you:) I would love for you to visit and follow back if you like!
Smart and Trendy Moms

Mama Hen said...

Hey there! I just got your blog from MBC! I am an official boo boo kisser, as well. He, he, he! I just became a follower! Come visit me at Mama's Little Chick.

Mama Hen

Mom said...

Thanks so much for following, ladies! I am off to check out your sites right now :).

Mama Hen said...

Thank you for visiting Mama's Little Chick! Hope to see you around the hen house!

Mama Hen