Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hungry, Hungry Hippos...

I love games.  In fact, I get a little "warm and fuzzy" when I think about family game night because it holds such great childhood memories for me.  I will say that playing games with two pre-schoolers IS a tad different than what I remember, as an only child, playing marathon Clue games with my parents(wait...maybe I should ask my mother about that!).  In any case, I felt like I should give a little disclaimer here before I do my Hungry, Hungry Hippos review.  I DO love games and I WANT to love this game except I don't.  Is that awful?  I know this is classic fun but not so much for me....or my kids really.

So, I think we all know the premise of Hungry, Hungry Hippos (HHH).  You use a lever on the hippo's head to try and devour the most marbles.  Fun, right?  I think it would be more fun if the game was not so flimsy.  Two of our four hippo's already have serious neck injuries causing them to be benched indefinitely.  The marbles are not actually marbles but small, plastic balls which are not nearly as satisfying for some reason.  Now, for my biggest gripe....when the game is assembled it will not fit back into the box.  Seriously??  Who thought this up?  My house is not a pillar of organization by any stretch of the imagination but if a game comes in a box it should fit back into the box for storage.  It is not easy to take the game apart and put it back together so it stays together and balances uneasily atop our game stack.  The game has toppled over so many times that at least half the "marbles" are missing and, I fear, only to be found by my curious 6 month old.

Lastly, the fun factor only lasts a short least for my guys. The lure of banging on the hippos head and eating up the balls can only carry this game so far. At best, the boys will only play with this game for 5 minutes which in my mind does not balance out the all the downsides.

Can you tell I am a fan?  I promise there are a few really fantastic pre-schooler games out there but this is not one of them.  Stay tuned for some reviews of some games that really do work for the younger set.  Meanwhile I suggest you pass on this game unless 2 minutes of frantic, hippo head slamming sounds like your idea of fun!

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