Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fisher-Price Snap-Lock Beads

Sometimes it is the simple things that keep a baby occupied which is why I  love Snap-Lock Beads by Fisher-Price.  I guess I should say that is why my 7 month old daughter loves them.  These plastic beads are currently on Baby R's must have list and one of the  first toys she reaches for.

The Snap-Lock Beads do not require batteries, make noises, light up or teach your baby the ABC's.  They are simply brightly colored, palm-sized, plastic beads that can be pulled apart and put back together.  My daughter loves to chew on them (she is busy growing teeth!) and likes to bang them together.  She is too small to snap them together but, when my boys were younger, they used to love making long chains with them.  The Snap-Lock Beads also make for great bathtub toys and I especially love how I can toss them in my dishwasher basket to clean...easy!

If you are looking for an easy, interesting toy for your baby look no further than Fisher-Price's Snap-Lock Beads.  They are incredibly reasonably priced at under $15 per set and will keep your little one entertained with something that does not require an army of batteries.  Ahhhh....the simple life!

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