Friday, June 11, 2010

Flashback Friday...Kiddopatumus Swaddle Me

Before I had children I thought some things just "came" to you when you became a mother...breastfeeding, swaddling, multi-tasking.  Hmmm....not so much or so easily.  The breastfeeding part came along.  I am now a master multi-tasker.  Three kids later I still can't swaddle a baby to save my life.  Time and time again I watched the nurses, my mother, my mother-in-law, even my husband wrap my babies up all tight like a little burrito.  When I tried my hand at it this there was no burrito effect...something more like a taco, actually which is not nearly as effective.

Well, now, fellow swaddling flunkies, here is the answer to your prayers.  The Kiddopatumus SwaddleMe blanket.  This ingenious invention takes all the pesky guesswork out of which edge to fold up and over and allows you to get a perfect little burrito every time!  This little pouch with "wings" allows you to pop the baby in, swaddle the baby in the wings (which are secured with velcro) guaranteeing a perfect swaddle each time.  The wings are adjustable allowing  you to control the snugness.  Another great feature is that you can release the legs for diaper changes without disturbing the baby who is cozily swaddled.

Studies show that babies who are swaddled feel more secure allowing for better sleep and the SwaddleMe insures that you get it right every time...even after those 3 am feedings!  I say go out and buy a few of these for every mom-to-be on your list! "A"!


Kassandra said...

You know what, I thought this thing would be great, but both my girls hated it and were too long for it very quickly, so it was wasted money for me.

Some of my friends with smaller babies found they liked them though, just weren't the thing for me.

Erin @ Crafts and Sutch said...

Just wanted to say thank you so much for stopping by Crafts and Sutch and following along! :) I'm so glad you did because it brought me to your blog! As a new mommy to an 8 month old little guy, I think I will love hearing your reviews! :)

Have a super weekend!
Erin :)