Friday, July 16, 2010

Flashback Friday...Imaginext Batcave

This toy has some serious staying power.  This is the first thing the boys go to in the morning and one of the last things they play with before they go to bed....this one is still a winner!

This past year for Christmas one of the favorite toys under the tree was the Imaginext Batcave by Fisher-Price.  With the age of three came a huge interest in all things super hero so the batcave was a clear choice.

This play set brings the characters from Batman alive with lots of fun options.  There is a drawbridge for the batmobile, an elevator, a jail with an escape hatch and much more to keep your little super heroes entertained.  A fabulous feature that I really appreciate is that it can all be folded up and neatly put away when not in use...thank you Fisher Price!  Each Batcave comes with the following accessories:  batman, robin, batcycle, console, satellite dish, antenna, two batarangs and a bathook.  There are also many, many smaller accessory sets which include all your favorite villains (penguin, joker and riddler are a few we have).

My guys are on the younger side of the suggested age group (3-7) but they definitely enjoy this toy and are able to use all the "bells and whistles" associated with it.  I can also see definite staying power with this toy and could easily see it being a favorite for at least a couple more years.  I think this was $50 well spent.  The set is made up of a very durable plastic which has already withstood many tumbles in our house.  I would strongly suggest picking up a few of the accessory pieces because this toy is way more fun if your Batman can take on one of the bad guys.  This one earns a strong recommendation from this mom of two budding superheroes!

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