Thursday, July 1, 2010

Leap Frog Fridge Farm Magnetic Animal Set...

Kids always want to be where you are...isn't it wonderful to be the most sought after person in someones universe??  For lots of families the the hub of the house is the kitchen so that is where you will often find Mom and/or Dad.  Our house is no different so around mealtimes or snack times (so mostly ALL the time!) that is where you will find me and the kids.  I like to have things for them to do while they are in there as I am not always looking for helpers in meal prep or dish washing especially from Miss R.  I have a couple of Magnetic Fridge toys to help keep the kiddos busy and one in particular is a favorite...Leap Frog's Fridge Farm Magnetic Animal Set.

This handy little farm lives on your fridge along with 10 chunky magnetic animal halves to match up.  My boys have had this since they were 1 and they still like it and Baby R is already a big fan and pulls herself onto the fridge to play with (and try to eat!) the animals.  The farm plays lots of cute songs while teaching kiddos matching skills.  When you match two halves correctly it sings a happy little "you made a match" song.  If you combine say a pig and a cow it will sing a silly song and give it a silly name like a "cowpig".   I like this because it never fails to illicit giggles AND it does not make the child feel bad for not getting a match.   Positive reinforcement! 

The little farm also plays some fun banjo tunes and teaches animal sounds.  It is super durable which we have put to the test in the nearly 3 years we have had it (dropped on hard tile countless times!).  It has a volume switch which is great as well as a little handle if your walkers want to carry it from room to room.   It uses 3 AAA batteries to run and is recommended from 12 months to 5 years.  Pick one of these up to give your kids something to do while you tackle that never ending sink full of dishes!

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