Friday, August 20, 2010

Flashback Friday...Picky Sticky

These are still one of my favorite baby shower gifts!  Buy a pack for all the pregnant gals you know!
I love to take pictures.  I am certain my children refer to me as the "mamarazzi" behind my back even now and I am sure I will embarrass them later in life with tub pictures....I can't help myself!  Even though life is super busy now with 3 I still take tons of pictures.  The pictures I get of the boys are pretty much blurs running by but Baby R is still subject to my monthly photo sessions to document her changes.  I have been taking her pictures each month in a white onesie and, my how she has grown, but my, how boring a white onesie is.   Enter my new favorite baby shower gift...Picky Sticky Decals.

Picky Sticky decals are packets of stickers depicting milestone numbers in adorable colors and prints.  I am using "pinky dinky" on Baby R and the packet includes months 0-12.  The sticker is simply placed upon a plain t-shirt or onesie and lets the world know just how old your little prince or princess is.  I love, love, love this idea.  Each sticker is 4" in diameter and is transparent so it looks like it is part of the shirt.  Genius!  It went on easily AND stayed one even with this little wiggle worm for a photo subject...
Cute, right??  No more guess work on is right on the shirt!  No more torn paper signs you try and get your little paper eater to hold onto each month either!  There are many designs to choose from for girls and boys.  There are even sets for pregnant bellies too...

I wish I'd had these when I was pregnant...what an adorable way to document your pregnancy!  There are sets for years as well (1-12) so you can have a whole matching set of pictures.  You have to check these sets out...every mom and mom-to-be needs them for her favorite models.  See them all at or visit Picky Sticky on Facebook for up to the minute company news .

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