Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wholesale Costume Club...

My family and I love Halloween.  I have always enjoyed getting dressed up but now that I have children it is even more fun!  Last year Baby R was just 5 days old on Halloween so I did not get into the festivities as much as I typically would but this year it is a different story...we are going to do it up!

Imagine my excitement when I got the opportunity to review a costume of my choosing from the Wholesale Costume Club!  The Wholesale Costume Club has all the costumes for Halloween you can begin to imagine.  There are costumes there for the whole family in every possible theme you can imagine.  The boys and I spent tons of time scrolling through all of Wholesale Costume Club's offerings.  We had a lot of giggles over the funny costumes and the boys were particularly enchanted by the "scary" costumes!

While scrolling through the men's costumes I came across the perfect theme for our family this year.  A&W are super into Scooby Doo these days and our family of 5 is the perfect size to dress up like "The Gang"!  I received this Fred costume for my husband to wear and it is a riot!
As soon as my husband  put in on the boys said "It is Freddie" and they were delighted!  The costume is of good quality and I would say the fit is just right for most adults (elastic waistband can be easily rolled up to adjust length).  The wig is hysterical in a bright yellow which, in my opinion, is just the right level of cartoonish.  The orange scarf was a bit shorter than the one depicted in the picture but it still works for the costume.  I am excited to order the rest of our "gang" costumes from Wholesale Costume Club soon.   I am thrilled to be able to purchase all of our costumes from one place this is so much easier that way!  Hang on world, here comes Scooby, Shaggy, Daphne, Thelma and Fred to save the day!


Angela Livingston said...

Hi Kristin,

I'm following from Pitch It To Me. Great review! I'd love it if you'd stop my blog


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