Friday, October 8, 2010


How frustrating is it when you just want to buy baby toys, but you have to sort through millions of toys for older kids before you find what you’re looking for? Ebeanstalk is a toy website that allows you to search for the specific age of your child so you don’t have to go through any of that hassle! Love it! I was just browsing  toys for 1 year olds for Baby R's birthday and then I hopped right over to toys for 2 year olds for a birthday part we have coming up.  I can't tell you how handy it was to be able to browse for toys by age! 

The selection at Ebeanstalk is completely amazing too.  I came away from my search with a bunch of great ideas and toys I had not even considered but would be wonderful.  I am pretty sure Baby R NEEDS the Pink Rody Horse for her birthday!  I also thought it was super helpful that each toy on Ebeanstalk has an extensive description which makes it easy to choose what is right for your child.  The site also offers loads of information on developmental milestones with appropriate toys for each skill category (language, imagination etc..).  I would definitely recommend checking out Ebeanstalk to find just the right toy for your child or for that upcoming birthday party!

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