Friday, October 8, 2010

Flashback Friday...Funny Bone Readers

We just read Turbo Turtle to the Rescue and Miss Moo Goes to the Beach last night...the kids are still big fans of these fun books which help to build character!  Read my take on Funny Bone Readers from this past August....

As I have mentioned (many times I think) we love to read over here at Reviewed By Mom. We spend lots of time at the library and poring over the aisles in the book stores. I am a voracious reader and I am hoping the kids will grow up to be as well. The kids enjoy a wide range of books and while we definitely have our favorites we are always on the hunt for new favorites too.

Now that A&W are nearing four, I like the concept of reading books that give out positive messages. When I discovered The Funny Bone Readers put out by Red Chair Press I hit the jackpot. These books sets are all about developing character but not in a "preachy" way that can off putting to kids. Funny Bone Readers present important behavior lessons in a funny and silly way which, as parents and teachers know, is 9 times out of 10 the most successful way to get an important message across to a child!  Here is the full description from the Red Chair Press website...

Every child knows that some things are right, and some things are wrong. But helping children develop good character is more challenging than teaching right from wrong. With Funny Bone Readers: Developing Character in your classroom or home, children will learn from funny stories and silly characters while making connections to their own actions.

Great concept, right?  I had the opportunity to put this all to the test when I received The Complete Reader set from Red Chair Press.  A&W were of course thrilled to have some new books to check out so we hunkered down of the couch on a recent afternoon to dig into the Funny Bone Readers.   Let me just say that my boys listened to all 6 of the books I pulled out for this sitting (one half of the parent pack) and wanted me to read them over again when I was done.  As I mentioned, the boys love books but 6 at one time and then to come back for more is still saying a lot for a couple of not yet 4 year olds!    A&W loved the books.  A real favorite was Turbo Turtle to the Rescue which depicted a super hero turtle helping people in need by protecting a bunny troop from a naughty duck.  The silliness factor is perfect for young kids and the message is clear but not over the top....the perfect blend.  What I really love is that at the end of each story there is a section with a "Big Question" and "Big Words".  For example, in Turbo Turtle the "Big Question" is "How did the bunny troop show Turbo Turtle they were grateful for his help?" followed with definitions of some of the bigger words in the story (escaped, swooped).  I feel like this portion of the book really provides an opportunity for the parent (or teacher) to discuss the important messages in the book.  I know A&W look forward to that part of the books and we have had some great talks stemming from the "Big Questions".

The other books in the parent set cover character traits such as fairness (The Best Birthday Gift), citizenship (The Clean Team), trustworthiness (Lying Around) plus more.  The illustrations are bright, pleasing to the eye and interesting.  The words of the stories have a great flow and, as I mentioned, really have that perfect balance of fun and an important message.  The Funny Bone Readers have already been read over and over at our house with no signs of stopping and that is something I can feel good about! 

The recommended ages for these books is 5-8 but I found them completely appropriate for A&W at nearly 4.  Along with the parent sets there are classroom sets available which have multiple copies of each book along with lesson plans for the teacher.  I think these books would be well loved in both a home and a school library.

My take on the Funny Bone Readers?  A+!  The books are filled with the silliness kids love along with the character traits we as parents and teachers all want our kids to possess.  It is a win win!

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