Monday, June 13, 2011

Run (don't walk!) to Shaws...

I have been super excited to try out the instant $5 off from Shaws plus bonus 25 box tops promotions at Shaws this week.  There are PILES of products which qualify most of which I have coupons for.  This afternoon I ran in with the kids to do a quick shopping and left with the following....

Here is how it broke down...

4 Boxes of Betty Crocker Fruit Roll Ups
(on sale for $2 each and I then used a $.50 off two Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks which dropped the price to $1.50 each after Shaws doubled!)

2 Boxes of Fiber One Bars
(on sale for $2.50 plus I used $1 off 2 from the 5/22 paper so $2 final price!)

2 Packages of Chex Mix
(on sale for $2 plus used $1 off 2 which dropped the price to $1.50 each)

1 Betty Crocker Cake Mix and Betty Crocker Frosting
(on sale for $3.50 combined but used a $1.00 off 2 from the 6/12 paper making the total $2.50

2 Packages Freeze Pops (Frootee Ice Brand)
(on sale for $1.99 but each pack has a $2 mail in FREE!)

I also purchased a couple gift cards totaling $100 for upcoming events.  Until 6/22 if you purchase $100 of gift cards at Shaws you receive a $20 off coupon on your next purchase!!

Lastly, I used a $2 off $25 purchase which you can print here (twice!!).

My grand total?  $112.48.  All those groceries for $12.48 plus I have $4 in rebates so this is actually a total of $8.48!  I also have 25 extra box tops for my school AND $20 off my next grocery trip after the gift card purchase.  I am a happy girl today and this is only the beginning.  Stay tuned after my "big" shopping trip later in the week.

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