Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bigger Boys = Bigger Beds!

A&W have been in their toddler beds since we converted them from cribs more than 2 years ago.  These have worked out really well and I liked that they still provided quite a bit of protection from falling out of bed.  Tonight when I put them to bed I noticed something...my nearly five year olds are getting bigger!  They are actually too big for their toddler beds (sniff!).  W's toes are right at the foot board and A's are not too far behind so I guess it is time for us to start bed shopping.  I started poking around the Internet tonight and I am sort of leaning toward bunk beds.  I know the boys are on the young side for this but they would LOVE the novelty of bunk beds and I would love the space saving aspect.  I was poking around bedstar and they have a huge selection of bunk beds that really appealed to me.  I love bunk beds that have storage underneath the bottom bunk in the form of drawers.  Our house is older (about 100 years) so storage space is hard to come by.   I am already imagining stashing extra bedding in those roomy drawers are my "big boys" sleep soundly on their new bunk beds! A little part of me (OK...maybe a big part!) is nervous about the jump to bunk beds at such a young age.  Does anyone have any suggestions about bunks at this age...good, bad or ugly?  In any case, I have to make a decision before those little toddler beds snap underneath my boys who are definitely no longer toddlers!

*Disclosure: This post is in association with Bedstar. All view and ideas expressed are my own.

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