Monday, July 25, 2011

DNA EGF Renewal Sunscreen...Review!

Like many moms, I am outside all the time.  I typically have the kids outside all day long in the summer.  Here in Maine our winters are so long that as soon as summer hits we are all desperate to get outside and enjoy the sunshine....safely, of course!   When I was approached to do a review of DNA EGF Renewal Sunscreen I jumped at the chance.  I had already been lucky enough to review their Night Renewal product (love more HERE) and I was very impressed by that product so I figured the sunscreen would be great too.  Here are the details...

DNA Defense SPF 30+ is a fast absorbing, non-greasy lotion that protects skin against harmful UVA and UVB rays.  It delivers a sheer (non-whitening) high- performance dispersion of micro-fine zinc to reflect and scatter harmful UV light.
DNA Defense SPF 30+ is clinically proven for advanced UVA protection and offers anti-oxidant activity with Vitamin A and E and is ideal for daily use all skin types.

Zinc Oxide: Micro-fine physical sunscreen that easily disperses and absorbs into skin to provide sheer (no whitening), high-performance protection from harmful UVA & UVB light.

Vitamin E & Vitamin A: These vitamins provide the skin with additional antioxidant protection against damage from free radicals.

Price:  $45
DNA EGF can be purchased via

My thoughts?   I was not disappointed!  Dr. Ron Moy sure has a winner on his hands with this skin care line.  This sunscreen is super light and right away was absorbed into my skin.  I loved that is was not greasy and did not leave me all "shiny" or cause me to break out like other sunscreens have a tendency to do. It also protected my skin as I was out frolicking with the kids in the kiddie pool.  Take that age spots and wrinkles!  I will say that the price tag is a little steep but if you are only using this on the face and neck, a bottle will last quite some time.  If you are on the market for a quality, facial sunscreen look no further than DNA EGF Renewal Sunscreen.  Pick up yours today by clicking here.

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