Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bike Glow...Review!

I can't believe summer is coming to a close.  I have mixed feelings...I am so sad to see summer go but I am also excited about the arrival of my favorite season to arrive.  I love the fall with its' crisp evenings, back to school shopping and falling leaves.  It also brings with it darker skies earlier in the evening (hooray for no more-"I know the sun is still shining sweetie but it IS bedtime"!).  I was recently sent a product to review that is the perfect companion on those darker, back to school evenings....the Bike Glow!  Here is the scoop...

Description: A bike safety light product, the brightly colored BikeGlow™ Safety Light will dramatically increase your bike's side visibility when it's wrapped around your frame.
  •  10 ft. flexible light tube uses electroluminescent technology and features bright colors for increased visibility from side
  •  Choose between steady, slow flashing, and fast flashing modes
  •  3-1/2" x 1-1/4" power unit attaches to bike with included strap; unit weighs less than 2 oz.
  •  Light attaches by wrapping around frame tubing and secures tightly with included attachment ties or tape
  •  BikeGlow™ is lightweight and secure enough to be left on your bike so you have safety lighting always at the ready
  •  Waterproof battery housing (pictured below)
  •  Batteries not included
  •  1 year full-warranty
  •  Patent pending waterproof design
The Bike Glow is such a fun product.  A&W loved seeing their bikes glowing and flashing...they think they are pretty hot stuff with their bikes all aglow!  Even more important that the fun factor is the safety factor.  The Bike Glow makes your child super visible in low light conditions which is so important.  When the kiddos are out and about on their bikes we want them to be safe which, in the evening, makes the Bike Glow a no brainer!  Let your kids appreciate the fun factor while you breathe a little easier as they are out riding.  By the way-the Bike Glow is NOT just for kids.  I am thinking of getting one for me  and my Pee Wee Herman style pink THAT is cool!  Buy the Bike Glow by clicking HERE.  Happy Riding!

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