Monday, August 1, 2011

Swagbucks Extravaganza Today!!

I have just recently gotten into SwagBucks.  In case you don't know...Swag Bucks is here is a little rundown...

How it works...

  1. Register – When you register for SwagBucks, you’ll automatically earn 30 Swag Bucks
  2. Take Surveys-these are quick ways to grab Swag Bucks.  Bucks are doled out based on the length of the survey
  3. Daily Poll – Take  the Daily Poll and earn 1 Swag Buck per day.
  4. Read the SwagBucks Blog – The SwagBucks Blog often provides Swag Codes. Swag Codes are a stream of words that you enter on the home page of SwagBucks. Each code is worth a different amount of Swag Bucks.
  5. Trade in-You can trade in things like books, game consoles and cell phones.  I am planning on doing this with some of my old books!
  6. Install the Toolbar-You get one SwagBuck each day for just logging into your computer!
What Do You Do With All Those Bucks??

Spend them!!  You can by all sorts of things with SwagBucks.  I usually go for the gift certificates.  I am stockpiling them for Christmas gifts.  You can get a $5 Amazon gift card for 450 SwagBucks and an EcoMom one for just 349!!  There are tons of stores to choose from.  On top of gift cards there are toys, games, clothing and just about anything else you could ever think of!

Today there is a SwagBucks Exravaganza happening!  You have the opportunity to earn up to 50 extra SwagBucks...woo-hoo!  To find out more about where to find SwagBuck Codes visit HERE.  You can also always find the SwagBucks "widget" at the bottom of the home page of Reviewed By Mom.   You can search for SwagBucks codes directly from that little box....good luck!  Get started with SwagBucks today and start saving for the holidays (they will be here before you know it!!).  Click HERE.

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the Moms said...

I love Swagbucks! Thanks for posting. Really like your site! New follower from the Blog Hop