Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Working From Home?

Sometimes I think about working from home.  Right now it does not seem like it is exactly possible with three little ones at home and keeping up with this site but someday, when the kids get a bit older it might be nice to earn a little extra money and to challenge myself with something new.

When I think about ways to work from home I know there a lot of choices when it comes to franchising.  I would really need to focus on what type of business appeals to me and what I think I can really excel at.  It is actually quite overwhelming!  I know there are sites out there like www.workingmums.co.uk 
which help to narrow down all the possibilities.

I have been spending some time weighing the pros and cons of working from home.  High on the cons list?  Will I be able to juggle kids, housework and work effectively?   Will I miss out on the interaction I would get if I worked outside the home?  What about the noise?  If I work while the kids are here will they keep it down to a dull roar while I am working??   I do have quite a few things on my pros list too though.  The money of course would be lovely.  The flexibility aspect is huge for me.  Most franchising opportunities allow a lot of flexibility which would allow me to work while Baby R naps or after the kids go to be.  I am also thinking adding some work to my plate once A&W start kindergarten next year will help me to fill those extra hours when they get home.  Decisions, decisions!

*This post is in association with working mums.  All view and ideas expressed are my own.


Anonymous said...

If you are passionate about your work, you can very easily work from home! I work full time (two days from home) and despite its' challenges, it's certainly worth it. I love my job, my writing and those special moments I catch with my children... I cherish dearly.

Pam L. said...

I actually enjoy working away from home because it opens up another social network of friends. One can not have enough outside friends. Just one positive viewpoint.

Robin Quick said...

Im also looking to work from home. My son is no longer little and is in school most of the day so I need something to fill my day. The problem? I have NO idea what to do or where to even start.