Thursday, September 15, 2011

Early Moments Matter...Review!

Do you know someone who is expecting a baby?  Are YOU expecting a baby?  If so, there is a must have guide that should be in every mom-to-be's possession....Early Moments Matter.  Here is the scoop...

For expectant parents, counting down to the due date is like a child anticipating a birthday party. But once the showers are done, the drawers are filled, and the stroller is assembled anticipation can turn to anxiousness as new parents ponder “what will I do when my baby arrives?” Helping eliminate the stress and prepare a parent for what is truly necessary is the Early Moments Matter DVD and toolkit providing real-stories and relevant expert information to help put a baby on a path to happiness.

The Early Moments Matter DVD features advice from leading childcare experts and the latest research in early childhood development, plus real-life stories to which today’s parents can relate. Additionally, the DVD is supplemented by a quick-reference resource book and magnet highlighting five small steps that provide positive long-term effects. The toolkit is part of the award-winning PBS special This Emotional Life, which explores the importance of social relationships. Early Moments Matter is based on the understanding that the foundation for trust, compassion, and emotional security begins the minute a child is born.

Early Moments Matter includes support for moms suffering from postpartum depression and parents with special needs children. Additionally, a comprehensive list of parenting, health and safety resources is provided for parents with a section to keep notes on developmental milestones.

This is such a wonderful resource and it is so well done.  It covers everything new parents need to know.  It retails for just $10 and for every tool kit purchased one will be given to a family in need.  Outstanding!  Click HERE to get the parents-to-be off to a prepared start with Early Moments Matter.

*Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post and I was provided with the above mentioned products for purpose of review.  The opinions expressed are my own and have not been edited by anyone.

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