Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Watch Your Wallet Wednesday...Hello Superpoints!

All year long I work on finding ways to nab inexpensive or free gift cards.  I save them all up (making sure they do not expire first of course!!) to use on Christmas presents.  This makes December a whole lot less painful when it rolls around.  I just recently discovered a super, duper easy way to earn free gift cards....Superpoints.  Superpoints is a site that gives you points for doing things like answering surveys, watching videos and by spinning a wheel (you can do this 50 times per day and all are chances to snag points!). This is by far the easiest site I have encountered in which to earn points to trade in for gift cards or other fun prizes.  Spin a wheel?  Sign me up!  I also receive e-mails that have points too...yesterday I got 25 points just for opening an e-mail! 

Right now I am saving up for Amazon gift cards to use on holiday shopping.  They are in as little as $5 increments so you don't have to save up a ton of points to reap the rewards (love that!).  There are lots of places to choose gift cards from like Wal-mart, Best Buy, Jamba Juice and tons more.  They even have toys and electronics you can trade your points in for too.  Hey, maybe I should save up for an Ipad.  Merry Christmas to me!!

If you use one of Reviewed by Mom's invite codes you will be started off with some points at sign up.  What will you use your points for??  Be sure to click one of the 10 links  below to snag a code before they are all gone.  If you have one that is invalid move to the next on on the list so you can grab your points.  This is free and easy...enjoy!

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