Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Watch Your Wallet Wednesday....The Rule of Half

You may have noticed that on some of my recent giveaways I have been asking you all what YOU want to see and I am so glad so many of you gave some feedback there.  I want Reviewed By Mom to be a site you like to visit and that you come back to regularly.  So, one of the suggestions that came up often was more money saving tips.  I am learning everyday new ways to cut corners and save.  I am a stay at home mom and every penny counts.  Each Wednesday you will now see "Watch Your Wallet Wednesday" which will feature a money saving idea or frugal tip that I am putting in to action.  Lots of the things I do are small but when you add them all up they make a difference. I hope you enjoy this new feature and please feel free to add your own tips in the comments section.  I love new ideas and might even feature your idea next time. Here goes...

The Rule of Half.  I use half of everything I can.  Half of a dryer sheet, paper towel, brillo pad ,half of the recommended amount of shampoo and laundry detergent.  Companies want us to use more so we will buy more.  Not this mom!  If I can make it last twice as long I certainly will.  As long as I get what I need out of a product using half (clean hair, clean clothes, clean dishes etc...) I will use the smaller amount.  I am not suggesting you be a all means use it if you really NEED it but I think if you try it, you will find you need less than you think.   Try it out and then let me know what you have halved today!


Shanee said...

I love your new feature! This is a great tip! I try using less of certain products too! The savings really adds up when you don't have to add something to your shopping list quite as often!

Angelica Joy said...

What a great tip :D Yes I do find that some of my gf's use so much more body wash for example than I do. They seem to use so much more than I do. I mean one uses 10 pumps whereas I'd be lathering luxuriously by using 3 pumps and I never use 3 pumps, I only ever use 2 and that's more than plenty.

I'm extremely frugal though :D