Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Let's Talk About Real Estate...

I know I have mentioned that we here at Reviewed by Mom are in the process of putting our house on the market.  What a process!  This summer has been filled with projects to get the house ready for potential buyers.  My husband has painted the outside of the house and he did some yard beatification out back (he filled in the kids construction dig site with some bark mulch much to their dismay and my delight!).  We definitely have a little more curb appeal going on which I hope helps us to sell quickly.

Inside we have done just a few little things like touching up paint and decluttering.  Decluttering is always a work in progress though, isn't it?  With three little ones and a tendency to hold onto things we have quite an overflow.  We had weeded out quite a few things though and just need to tidy up the basement.  In a nutshell?  We are ready!  The flip side of all this?  Now that we are finally ready, there is not a house out there that is a fit for us right now.  Make that a "perfect" fit.  We are looking for something pretty specific.  We want a certain neighborhood (we love it...it is a great school system plus walkable to lots of amenities!), we want something older, and a two family or something that can be turned into one.  Our plan is to have my mom in the first story and we would use the second and third floor for your family.  In this dream house of course!  So what does one do when they are house hunting for something so specific?  You type in your area and cyber stalk of course?  Live in Maine like me? Search Maine real estate!  California?  Search California real estate!  Missouri?  Search Missouri real estate.  You get the picture.  Just get looking and hope that something comes up.  Our goal is to be moved and settled by the time A&W go to kindergarten next September.  11 months and counting.  Keep your fingers crossed for use please!

Disclosure: I am participating in a blogger campaign for Bucks2Blog about missouri real estate and was compensated. However, the views and opinions are my own.

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