Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Watch Your Wallet Wednesday....Hidden Deals at the Grocery Store.

Part of my living frugally strategy is to shop smarter at the grocery store.  Food is getting pricier all the time and, with a family of 5, a grocery bill can skyrocket quickly.  Of course I shop the sales and use coupons but I also am sure not to miss the hidden deals at the grocery store.

Lots of grocery stores have areas where things don't move off the shelves so quickly.  At my grocer it is the natural food section and the foods of the world sections.  I am willing to bet this is the case at most stores because, let's face it, much of the population sticks with the foods we are used to!  If you are wiling to branch out a bit you can find some great deals.  Grocery stores will often discount items that are not moving from the shelves earning you huge savings.  I have recently discovered some delicious Italian wafer cookies that I have been nabbing for $.59 a package!  I also regularly get snack foods from the natural food section for the kids at a heavy discount.  Don't miss these often overlooked areas for big savings!

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