Wednesday, November 2, 2011!

We live in a busy world, don't we?  So much of the correspondence we do is through e-mail and while I love the convenience of it all, I really miss written notes and cards.  There is nothing like visiting the mailbox and seeing a card addressed with your name.  When it happens to me, I feel like a kid again.  Someone took the time to find a card just for me and send it my way.  Happiness!

While I am a romantic when it comes to receiving cards I also live in the real world.   The thought of running out to the local card store with all three kids sends shivers down my spine.  I can picture the mayhem three little sets of hands can do in the card aisle...not pretty! solves this problem. is a company in which you can buy great cards, personalize them if you wish and then have them directly mailed to your recepient!!!  How cool is that?  Have a birthday for a kiddo coming up but can't make it to the store?  No problem.  Nab something cute like this...

personalize it and then have it mailed to you (with a blank enevelope included) or directly to the birthday child!  They have a huge variety of occasions....holidays, baby, wedding, new home, retirement.  If it is a life event, has a card for it!

The cards run around $3.99 per card (plus standard postage) which is about the going rate of a greeting card at the store. allows you to personalize the card and even sends it for you if you wish so you don't have to run out!  I have used both the ship to myself and the ship direct method and I was thrilled with both choices.  The card quality is outstanding and the speed of delivery is much quicker than my procrastinating self!
I love this concept and would highly recommend the easy to use site!  Hooray for ease and quality!  Visit today and never miss another event.

Thanks to Moonpig and to Mom Bloggers Club for the chance to review an assortment of cards. I received no compensation other than product to review.

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Janet W. said...

These looks like such great quality! The price isn't too bad either!