Sunday, January 15, 2012

Let's Go Chipper....App out Now!

I am a big fan of learning apps for children.  I have just jumped on the technology bandwagon (I am a late bloomer when it comes to all that!!) and our family just got an iPad.  I was blown away by how much we can do with it.  I knew my husband and I would find it useful (and fun!!) but I did not know there were so many options for children as well.    I recently had the opportunity to check out a new app called Let's Go Chipper and it is great for the younger set!  Here is the scoop...

 Chipper is the conscientious ambassador of the great outdoors for children 2-8 and playfully teaches good character and a love for the environment through an immersive and interactive play land filled with games, nature-inspired movies, music videos, and eReaders. The award-winning all-inclusive app is a virtual path to the parks; from adventures under the sea with Sally the Salmon to a silly and slimy game of hide-and-seek with Bruce the Banana Slug, the eco-educational lessons are delivered playfully and include a what-did-you-learn section to help reinforce messages. Each story takes Chipper on an adventure into the great outdoors to visit a new habitat and animal indigenous to the area.
The APP acts as a portal to content with which parents will want their children to engage. The all inclusive app download includes an award-winning eco-educational animated movie, an animated book, two music videos, and a coloring pack. The 30-minute Let’s Go Chipper! movie introduces children to camping, hiking, and outdoor adventures by way of age-appropriate music, mishap and humor and provides a first level understanding for respecting the environment. Throughout the app, children can interactive with tap and color pages featuring images from the books and movies.

In addition to the continuous release of new “appisodes," IAGmedia, Inc. provides physical books such as the most recent release
Helping Hands, a colorful, rhyme-filled story that playfully encourages children to help in their home, community, and world. “We are excited to transition our conscientious media to the APP and provide positive entertainment for children while educating and instilling social skills at the same time,” says company founder Stephanie Rach-Wilson. “We offer physical books for free with downloads as well to keep the experience of truly turning the page available at this very important age.”

Bringing the series to fruition has been a life-long experience for Ms. Rach-Wilson as she is a child of get-out-and-play parents and grew up raising animals while tending to the organic garden her parents kept. “Our goal is to excite the curiosity in children which has been stifled with busy schedules and parents worried about what can go wrong instead of all that is right about just letting go and playing in nature,” says Ms. Rach Wilson.

IAGmedia, Inc. also has a DVD/CD compilation from the Let’s Go Chipper! series called Into The Great Outdoors available at Barnes & Noble stores and specialty retail throughout the country. And to help kids earn their wings, the
Get Ready to Fly! Activity Set is complete with a story & activity book, crayons, and plush pillow backpack wrapped in a reusable tote. The product complements the Let’s Fly app, currently available on iTunes.
ChipperDVD_FinalCover_72dpi.jpg ReadyToFlyKit.GIF

What do I think?  Love it!  There are many apps out there which are just for play (which is ok SOMETIMES) and there are lots of apps out there with a strong focus on math and reading (obviously a great thing!) but there is not a lot out there addressing the things that Let's Go Chipper does.  Chipper is a charming teacher when it comes to the environment and my kids are having lots of fun learning along with him.  I would highly recommend this easy to use app for children as young as two.  It is technology you can feel good about sharing with your child.  Enjoy!


slehan said...

That looks very cute & educational (don't tell the kids). Thanks for the info.

jenzen69 said...

This looks like fun and great for the little ones i nanny