Monday, February 27, 2012

All Creatures Great and Small Illustrated by Naoko Stoop = A Sweet Bedtime Read!

I have been reading the children the most lovely book.....All Creatures Great and Small illustrated by Naoko Stoop.  Here is the scoop...

A lush little board book edition of the beloved hymn.
Naoko Stoop's charming art, with an array of cuddly animals and an adorable little girl, captures the sweet spirit of the lyrics, which offer praise for nature, beauty, and the glory of all creation. The girl, accompanied everywhere by a cute monkey, wanders through glowing fields of flowers, where birds fly and nest; purple mountains with a flowing river where ducks make their home; and lush butterfly-filled meadows, perfect for playing. This is a gorgeous book for parents and children to share. 

This book is just a delight. The words, like the hymn, are powerful and give you a wonderful opportunity to celebrate all the things around you with your child.  There is such a power in appreciating all the gifts we have in nature and sharing it with you little ones makes it all the more special.  The illustrator, Naoko, is a real talent.  The pictures are so sweet and joyous.  The little girl is sweet and her little monkey friend is fun for little ones to spot (Little R loves the page where the  monkey is sliding down the rainbow!).  I love the last page which depicts the little girl reading aloud to all of her sleeping animal friends.  This one is a perfect bedtime story!  Pick up your copy on
Barnes & Noble by clicking HERE.  You can follow Naoko Stoop on her blog by clicking here.  I am eyeing her Etsy shop where she sells beautiful prints!

Thanks so much to Sterling Publishing for the opportunity to review this great read!

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Mom of Two said...

Sounds like a good book. I love to read books to my kids.