Sunday, February 12, 2012

MyFearZapper.Com...Review & Giveaway!

As parents, we all want to protect our children.  From everything. We can do this with the big things by protecting them physically and with education (don't run into the street, touch a hot stove....the list goes on and on.  There are some things that are a little tougher for parents to assist with and that is fears children hold in their own heats and minds.  I think most of us have a child who has a fear.  Honestly, I think we grownups even have a laundry list of fears (I know I do!)! 

One of my children in particular is very afraid of creepy crawly things, especially slugs.  He asks a million questions about them because he is so fearful and has woken up on many occasions from nightmares about some sort of bug or slug.  I feel horrible when this happens because he is so frightened and no matter how hard I try I can't fully convince him there is nothing to be fearful of.  When I was approached by MyFearZapper.Com to host a review of their new product I was very excited. Here is some background....

Is your child afraid of monsters? The dark? Bugs? Have you tried everything to help him, but the fear just won’t let go? Now there’s a solution!

MyFear Zapper™ is a fun, fast way to help children actually overcome their normal childhood fears and build long-term self-confidence.

A website-based "game", MyFear Zapper™ works after just a few uses, empowering your child to understand his mind is more powerful than his fear.

MyFear Zapper™ uses the same approach professional counselors use – it's just translated into fun, interactive, engaging technology your child will love.

Ninety percent of children see a significant reduction in their fear after just a couple uses* – your child can, too!

MyFear Zapper™ is recommended for children aged 3 and up.

MyFear Zapper™ is U.S. patent-pending. Money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied in the first 30 days.

Great, right?  We could not wait to give it a try!  We sat down and created a profile (easy as pie!!) and then "W" got busy creating a face for his fear (slugs).  It was SO much fun creating a "monster" using a variety of face shapes, body types and facial features.  When we had the image of the fear "W" named him and then we began the exercises.  I sat with "W" during this portion (you need to read the screen which he needs help with).  Our fear zapping exercise was great and VERY kid friendly.  It was along the lines of "close your eyes, envision a light which you can draw around yourself which keeps the fear away".  It encourages you to do this type of exercise when feeling fearful and also encourages you to find a parent or special teddy bear to seek out when you are fearful to.  I wondered how "W" would do being only 5 with an exercise like this but it was fantastic!  He listened, participated and I could feel him relax.  It was great.  We have used this feature quite a few times and there are different  visualizations given and they are all appropriately geared toward children and what makes them focus.

On top of the exercises discussed above, there games which allow your child to defeat his or her fears.  How empowering!  The favorite game for "W" is "Fly Away" which involves attaching enough balloons to your created "fear monster" in order it to float away which in turn makes you the "boss" of your fears.  Love this!  There are other games too which allow your child to have fun while taking charge of their fears.  Both boys have played these games and gone through the exercises which have made them feel empowered all while having fun in a positive way. MyFearZapper.Com earns an A+ from me in all is fun, unique and helps children take charge of their fears! This product is worth every cent!

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Farrah Shumway said...

My son is affraid if the vacume still. He also really doesn't like loud noises.

corey1971 said...

Either the dark or the vacuum cleaner (Corey Olomon)(

MomofTwo said...


Kambrea said...

I have two children who are afraid to sleep by themselves. My daughter won't even go to the bathroom alone. So the fear of being alone.

Sarah MomE25 said...

I have a couple afraid of the dark.

Naomi Sturgis said...

Hopeing to rid them of the fear of the dark!