Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Light Up Your Life!

You all know how I like to dwell on things (sorry...can't help myself!). Right now we are getting ready to close on our old house and are on the market for a new home over the next few months (we will be house sitting in the interim.....yes, I DO love a good adventure!).  In any case, what I am dwelling on most these days is, well, my dwellings!  I am already noodling through all the fun I am going to have decorating our new space.  From furniture layout, to paint colors to lighting and floor coverings, it is ALL on my mind.

Let's talk lamps and lighting today.  First of all, I love my bargains which is why I am not afraid to shop lighting liquidation sites.  You can find all sorts of great prices on quality floor lamps, vanity lights and outdoor lights online.  I've actually got my eye on some great pendant light fixtures from the popular golden lighting company.  The only I love is in a warm, bronze finish with some pretty detailing.  Now i just have to find the house to go with it!!  Details, details!  Stay tuned as I shop for the house before I house hunt...makes sense, right?

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