Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Maggie's Direct Exclusive Sale Event for Reviewed by Mom Readers! BIG Savings!

I love to shop but I hate to pay full price.  Let's face it...life is expensive and if you can find a way to save big I absolutely think you should do it!  Today I have a massive deal to tell all my loyal readers about thanks to Maggie's Direct

You have heard me talk about Maggie's Direct before.  I think they are fantastic.  They have great products at great prices and I have also had the pleasure of visiting their factory for my very own version of "How It's Made".  Maggie's keeps their prices  low by nixing catalogs and retail stores so the customer reaps the benefits.   I also won $500 from their monthly shopping spree giveaway last month so you can easily say I am a Maggie's Direct fan!  With their great deals and super rewards program, they are a sure win in my book!

In case you need a refresher on the Maggie's Social Bucks reward program, let me fill you in.  Maggie's has something called Social Network Shopping which rewards their customers for telling friends about their shopping experience (via FB, e-mail etc...), reviewing products, taking polls and more.  You are rewarded with Social Bucks (1 Buck = $1) which can be used on any product one the Maggie's site.  I am sure you can see how these bucks can quickly add up. 
From today until Saturday at midnight Maggie's Direct is giving Reviewed by Mom readers an incredible deal.  All of the items from their Hotel Collection will earn you 50% back in social bucks!!!  What does this mean exactly readers?  You can score plush sleeping arrangements and get 50% back to spend on ANYTHING (even clearance items!!) from the Maggie's Direct site.  Want me to break it down further?  Check out this example....

Maggie's  Queen Warmer level comforter has a normal retail price of (compared to their parent company’s website: C*ddled*wn.com) of $239 plus shipping. Maggie's normally retails this comforter for $149 for the equivalent material and same factory here in Maine. In this case in addition to getting the already low price of $149, you receive  50% back in Social bucks or $74. This is like getting a $239 comforter for $75.

How awesome is this?  Did you pick up on the C*ddled*wn thing?  Well, is true and the quality of everything I have seen is flat out amazing.  Visiting the factory really made me appreciate the care and craftmanship that go into all the Maggie's (and C*ddled*wn!) products.

The Hotel Collection at Maggie's includes sheet sets, down and synthetic comforters, pillow shams, duvet covers and pillows.  You can redo your bedroom for an already incredible bargain AND earn 50% back in Social Bucks while you are at it.  Pick up a comforter and then use your social bucks to get matching sheets and shams!    This is hands down the best shopping deal I have ever been able to offer you, readers and I hope you enjoy it!  There are lots of items to choose from so head over to the Hotel Collection at Maggie's by clicking HERE to access this exclusive shopping event.  Hurry though because this offer ends Sunday at midnight!

If you order leave a comment below and give me the scoop.  I have already ordered the down comforter and the sheet set and may treat myself to a new duvet cover and shams.  Happy Shopping!

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