Monday, July 9, 2012

My Mia Mariu Store...Check It Out!

Did you all have a nice 4th of July?  Last week was pretty tough for our family....we rather unexpectedly lost a very close family member.  I took the week off to spend extra time with family but I am back now and glad to "see" all my readers again.

My Mia Mariu giveaway has ended but I wanted to remind you all that I am proud and happy to be a Mia Mariu advisor.  Expect to hear lots about this makeup and skincare line that I love in the coming months and I hope you will support me by visiting my store often.  You can find me HERE (  I love the products from Mia that I am using and I will regularly give you the scoop on each and every product.  Right now I am loving the mineral blush....

It is silky smooth and gives me a fresh glow (no matter how tired I am!).  You can find Mia Mariu's mineral blush here.  The shade I love to Canela.

Thanks as always for your support and stay tuned this week for a bunch of new reviews, giveaways and news about my Mia Mariu store.

Happy Monday!

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