Friday, July 27, 2012

Take Care of Your College Student with!

You may remember last month when I filled you in on a great service called   This site makes it super easy to shop from home for groceries and other necessities.  It is a time saver AND sanity saver as far as I am concerned!  I know many of my readers have children or other loved ones heading to college this fall (sniff!).  If you have a college bound student in your life, be sure to check out this scenario....

Campus Delivery

I love this!!  I don't know about you but I would love to be able to care for my child (or other loved one) once they have left the nest in this way.  I remember being 18 and living off of Ramen Noodles.  Really.  Kids at college age are often busy and cash strapped so imagine the delight in a delivery!  No worrying about where to get the staples or the cash to pick them up.  With you KNOW your loved one is getting the things she or he needs.  Let's hear it for peace of mind!  Be sure to visit and start shopping for your college student.

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Genevieve Chong said...

I came across this infographic on another site and initially thought it was a joke. I am appalled to discover it's for a real site. Really, I was a very naive and not terribly independent kid when I went away to college - 16 at the time - but even I managed to buy my own shopping and find my own meals. The 'loved by mom, snubbed by mom' tag, too, is terrible. What a way to try and lay a guilt trip.

Alaina said...

I would be appalled, shocked, and disgusted to receive one of these. They indicate that the sending parent doesn't trust their student is smart enough to feed themselves, know basic hygiene, etc. without help.

I graduated from college in May, too, so I know what I'm talking about when I say: my roommates and classmates who were receiving phone calls from mom instead of using an alarm clock.... who had to have someone else do their laundry.... and who relied on their parents enough to need this type of thing were the biggest partiers and often flunked out or dropped out anyway.

heather abbe said...

Pfft. I really think that this is a good service. It isn't that the kid isn't smart enough to buy good food, but this is their first time on their own, taking care of themselves. Some of the decisions are going to be bad, come on. At least this helps!

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