Thursday, October 11, 2012

Orangutan Diaries: Saving our closest relatives

Move Description:
Deep on the Borneo rainforest, a dedicated team of vets and caregivers have a massive and emotional task ahead of them, to rescue and nurse back to health the jungle's most appealing-and most vulnerable-animals. 

There are currently 600 orangutans beings cared for, day and night, at the Borneo Orangutan Foundation. Most have had traumatic lives, clinging to survival as rainforests are burned around them, or snatched from the wiles to be sold as pets. For the team of vets and caregivers, ever day is a challenge-not only nursing the orphans but also dealing with the every day human crises of life in a rainforest hospital. 

Presented by Steve Leonard and Michaela Strachan, this is an emotional rollercoaster ride through the lives of both the human caregivers, and animals of the orangutan orphanage. 

With both of my little ones off to school this year I've been a little emotional.  Orangutan Diaries pulled at my heart.  I loved watching it and have always had a fascination with orangutans.  It was, however, sad to watch in parts.  Watching a baby Orangutan trapped in a cage was tough even though he was rescued.  I think it was my momma instincts kicking in but I just wanted to grab that baby and love it!  I think Orangutan Diaries did a great job documenting this project to save the orangutans.  I am not a documentary watcher or lover but this one, this one I will keep.  


jamie tucker said...

I don't see how i could read this with any dry eyes. I love apes and monkeys and what happens to them out there is just sad. i hope things get better. thank you for the review

[Whatever U are, be a good one!] said...

This book really touches my heart! Same as Jamie, I hope everything there in Borneo is getting better!
Thank You for your review!

Fiona N

Denise Taylor-Dennis said...

This sounds really great it is wonderful that people are caring for the Orangutans. It is sad that the forests are disappearing around the orangutans.

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