Wednesday, October 9, 2013

PUR Minerals CC Cream...Review!

I am going to fess up....I love the way makeup can make you look polished and put together but I am lazy.  I don't have a ton of time to take 27 different steps to make myself look "natural" only better.  So what's a gal like me to do?  Find a product that can do the job of many of course!  I have been using the CC Cream by PUR Minerals for the past month and I love  it!  Are you familiar with this line and product?  If not, here is the scoop...

Your multitasking moisturizer, brightener, primer, concealer and SPF foundation! More than just another beauty balm, CC Cream with SPF 40 protects, corrects and perfects the skin’s appearance with clinically advanced plant-based ingredients, like DERMAPUR® HP—a clarifying corrective from meadowsweet—and CLARISKIN II®—a brightening powerhouse from wheat germ. Ideal for all skin types and concerns, this silicone-free formula works to erase brown spots, blemishes and fine lines from sight while balancing uneven skin tone.

Our color complexion corrector is your all-in-one:
  • SPF 40 foundation and primer
  • Color-correcting brightener
  • Clarifying control cream
  • Anti-aging moisturizer Pür Minerals does NOT test its products on animals.

Hallelujia!  This cream is just fantastic.  I put this on and that is skin looks even, clearer and I instantly feel more pulled together. Oh, and the whole process takes less than a minute!  PUR is not my first rodeo with CC creams.  I have used other drugstore brands and, while those do make a difference, they are not nearly as effective as PUR.  The cream feels velvety and is not even remotely "cakey" or "streaky".   If you are looking for a way to streamline your beauty regime pick up PUR Minerals CC will be so glad you did! You can purchase directly from the PUR website HERE.


Mary said...

Amazing that this cream does all that! Can't wait to try it!

Janet W. said...

I love that contains a SPF. I will only use products with SPF in it from now on.

momo said...

(PUR Minerals CC Cream...Review!) I will have to try this product some time soon. Hope it helps with crow's feet around the eyes.

Julie Hutson said...

This stuff sounds amazing! I have a lot of skin issues. This sounds like it would help a lot. Thanks!

Dianna said...

OMG!! This sounds wonderful-- now if I can find this in po-dunk Idaho-- I like SPF -- this area is harsh on the skin--and the sun here will kill you