Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Yee-Haw! Get Your Cowboy Costume Here!

This year both of my sons have decided to be cowboys.  I was excited by this choice.  For the past three years it has been all about Star Wars.  Now, there is nothing wrong with Star Wars but something new was nice to see!

I have worked with Wholesale Halloween Costumes before and shopped there on my own as well so I decided to check there to see what they had for a selection of costumes for my little partners!  Can you say Jackpot?!  There was a huge selection of cowboy costumes and the only problem we had was deciding what kind of cowboy to be!  Here is the costume we decided on...
The boys were so happy with the look of this costume.  It was exactly what they wanted and it came at a great price.  At less than $35 the costume included the duster jacket, bandanna, hat, vest and belt.  It is a complete costume!  The quality is also really great too and I know it will stand up to lots of Halloween night fun, running around and trick-or-treating but I know it will also be around in our dress up bin for lots more imaginative play to come!

Wholesale Halloween Costumes has an enormous selection of Halloween costumes for the entire family that are affordable, well made and unique.  If you have a costume in mind, I have no doubt that Wholesale Halloween Costumes will have what you need!  I am already thinking gift ideas for Christmas that include costumes to add to our dress up bin.  Dress up is one of our favorite things to play here at Reviewed by Mom!  Remember to visit the Wholesale Halloween Costume website for all of our dress up needs!


akronugurl said...

really cute costume!

-stephanie j

Becky said...

This would have made a perfect costume for our son this year.. he even has the boots! Maybe I'll keep it in mind for next year if he's still willing to dress up ;) Thanks for the idea!

Danielle jones said...

I love to shop for costumes. Love this one.