Thursday, November 14, 2013

Throwback Thursday....Smurf Pasta!!

I was just getting ready to dye some pasta  for crafts and I remembered how much fun the kids had with our "Smurf Pasta" last year.  I figured it was worthy of a Throwback Thursday post!  Let me know if you try it.  This activity is SO much fun to do with the kids and earns you BIG cool mom points.  Have fun!

As you all know we are Mainers here at Reviewed by Mom.  This means looooong winters in which I have to get pretty creative in my quest to amuse the kids.  I thought I would post some of our activities here every now and then.  I am thinking some of you all might be looking for ways to amuse bored children from time to time!

I have recently seen some fun ideas on Pinterest  for dyeing pasta.  We had great fun the other day dyeing spiral and regular spaghetti pasta for upcoming crafts.  It is easy as can be and not only is it great for crafts, this particular recipe is completely edible!  Here is how we customized our own pasta dyeing factory....

Supplies:  Food Coloring, Pasta (we used spiral and straight but any kind will do!), white vinegar, plastic bags.

Directions:  Fill a bag with spaghetti and add apx. 1 tsp of white vinegar (just enough to barely coat the pasta).  Add drops of desired color of food coloring and tightly seal the bag.  Have your child lightly roll and massage the pasta about in the bag which will coat the pasta with color (my kids LOVED this part!).  Get creative with amounts of food coloring.  Obviously more will create more vivid colors but if you add just a few drops you can get some cool multi colored strands...almost tie dyed...

Let the pasta dry for at least a couple of hours (we left ours until the next day).

I saved some of the uncooked pasta for craft projects later on but we could not resist cooking some of the blue spaghetti strands.  We dubbed this "Smurf Spaghetti".  I was concerned there would be vinegar smell but it cooked right off and it was so much fun for the kids to eat.  I definitely did not have to plead with them to eat lunch!  How fun is this???

Stay tuned for what we do with our leftover uncooked pasta.  I am thinking some fun collages are in our future!
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brich2222 said...

This is so interesting and creative. Great fun for kids. I don'thave the creative juices to dream up something like this!

Anonymous said...

Neat :) I should creep my husband out by making some green pasta one night.

Amanda K

christina marie said...

i would be scared to eat this lol