Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year...Happier You! Join Me, Please??

It is December 31st and I have been thinking about what most people do today....resolutions.  I have some very "typical" thoughts cross my mind...lose weight, exercise more, eat better, be a better mother, wife, friend.  The list goes on.  And on.  As a matter of fact, it goes on so much that I am almost paralyzed by it.  Almost.

This year I am going to do something different.  It occurred to me that all of those big resolutions I had above would likely fall into place if I chipped away, little by little, on becoming happier and more content.  I am  not an unhappy person (not at all!) but there are things in my life that I could do more (or less!) of to be more happy.  So, my resolution this year is not one big thing but 365 little things that will make a big difference to me and my life.  Sound crazy?  Maybe but I am going to try it!

Beginning tomorrow, visit Reviewed by Mom everyday to watch me whittle my to do list down, try new things and stop doing the things that weigh me down.  Some things might seem silly or insignificant but sometimes those little things really add up. For instance, I have a cabinet in the bathroom overflowing with junk and old beauty products and other randomness and I will tell you this.....it does NOT make me happy!  So, one day I will organize this cabinet and removing that little stress at the start of my day might make me start out on the right foot (or not...but let's try the experiment!).  I will be sharing pictures of my journey too so prepared to be horrified by sometimes lack of organization or my failed attempts at a fancy new recipe. 

I hope you will join me here each day to see what I am trying out and I hope that you will try too.  Let's ditch the overwhelming and vague resolutions this year and start out together, little by little, to rid our lives of the little things that bog us down and adding more the of the wonderful that lifts us up.  Who is with me??  Happy New Year!

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Jessica Harlow said...

I think this is a great idea! I will be eagerly looking forward to your posts outlining your journey! I agree with you...regardless of how completely successful you are, it's the act of trying, putting out that positivity that makes a big difference! Happy New Year!