Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year: Happier You! Day 2....Reign in the Medicine Cabinet!

Last year we moved into a "fixer upper".  We lovingly call our 200 year old home our 20 year project and we are not kidding.  While we have come a long way (we converted the home to have a first floor apartment and completely gutted the second floor living space) we still have miles to go.  I really don't mind (that much!) and I quite enjoy having a project to always look forward to.  Or 1000 projects...but who is counting??

In any case, our bathrooms are horrible eyesores (I will post pictures another day.  It will likely make you feel great about your own space!) and not exactly equipped for the best use of space or storage.  The kids use the bathroom on the third floor but my husband and I use the second floor bathroom and it leaves a lot to be desired as far as space goes in the medicine cabinet area.  To be honest, I have probably let this awful cabinet set up become my excuse for being super sloppy about organization here.  It might not seem like a big deal but it is.  Every time I open that cabinet something tumbles out and I can't find what I need.  I had no idea what was hidden in there and it made me grumpy each time I opened the hideous doors!  Now, we are not at the project renovate bathroom phase yet but I didn't need to let that deter me from doing something about the happiness sapper that was my medicine cabinet.   I decided to take 20 minutes and clean it out.  Here is what I started with...

I know.  It is awful.  And embarrassing.  But, when I started this project, I told you all that I was doing it full throttle and that means letting you guys see me at my disorganized worst!   In any case, after 20 minutes I had this...

I realize it is not an Extreme Home Makeover moment but it makes me happy.  I threw out everything old/expired and never used.  I put the things we use most on the bottom shelf and the medicines up high out the the children's reach.  Everything is where I can find it and nothing comes tumbling out when I open the door.  I have saved myself a million grumpy moments by spending just 20 minutes to fix something...not bad!

Today's challenge....clean out the medicine cabinet.  Ditch the old and expired and make room for the things you use.  It is the little things like not getting an avalanche of beauty products dumped on you twice a day that can make you happier!  Let me know how you do!

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