Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A New Feature....365 Days of Pinterest!

I have a love hate relationship with Pinterest.  The love part comes from all the fabulous ideas to  be had and the hate part comes from the way I pin and pin and pin these great ideas yet never (or hardly ever!) do any of them. I have 1598 "likes" and 1260 "pins".  I have maybe tried out 5 of those potential 3000 fab ideas.  What is wrong with this picture??

Because I love a good challenge I have decided to give myself a "365 Day Pinterest Challenge".  Everyday for the next year I am going to try something I have liked or pin and I will share it here on Reviewed by Mom!  I will share it with you, dear readers, so I keep myself honest (I wouldn't dream of letting you all down!) and it will also allow me to road test these great ideas to see if they are, in fact, worth doing.  Be sure to check back everyday to be sure I am doing my challenge AND watch me try new recipes, crafts, haircuts, makeup tricks and more.  You simply can't imagine the randomness of the things I have pinned.  This should be interesting!

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