Thursday, July 28, 2016

Contributing Author

Hello everyone! My name is Chloe Dennis and I’m very excited to be a part of this blog and bring a new perspective on social media and other products! As a teen who grew up with social media, I’ve seen many different personalities, views, and seen both positive and negative effects on society. Despite the fact that some parents hear about the negative sides of social media, I have spent a long time building up a group of YouTubers, Instagram users, bloggers, and various internet personalities that have a positive attitudes and messages.
My tastes are very diverse and always changing. Some of my favorite topics that I will share are; photography, DIY, music, tea, candles, comedy, equality, and teen stress/anxiety. In addition to covering these topics I will start reviewing different social media personalities, blogs, and social media accounts. I can wait to get started on “reviewed by mom” and I hope to hear more about what topics you might want me to cover, thank you Kristin for this opportunity!

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Miranda W. said...

What a fun opportunity! Welcome and can't wait to read more.