Thursday, August 18, 2016

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't gotten to it to make more posts but I guess here's my very first one! I hope you enjoy it and let me know what else you would like to hear! YouTube has been a huge part in my life not only because it's entertaining and fun to watch but also has something to do with the generation I live in. YouTube is a giant place with many different types of YouTubers. I really enjoy watching the comedy side of YouTube and the more serious sides of it. I wanted to suggest a really amazing YouTuber, Savannah brown. Savannah brown talks a lot about the sensitive controversial things around the world and has a very positive attitude. She sometimes talks about subjects to the camera, she also does some singing on the side, as well as phenomenal poetry which I highly recommend checking out. I really think she's trying to reach out to the teen audience and is a little mature for younger audiences, but I would highly recommend this YouTuber who talks more seriously about issues. Thanks for reading!

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