Thursday, February 16, 2017

Butter London=Pretty Remedies for Winter Blahs!

You know what  a great way to beat the winter "blahs" is?  Make-up.  Yes, make-up.  For me, indulging in some pretty, new make-up to spruce up my look is just the ticket to brightening my mood.  I was recently sent some goodies from Butter London and it was just what the doctor ordered to get me out of my snowy funk! 

Celebrity make-up artist Scott Patric is using these products  for Project Runway Junior.  And you know what?  If it is good enough for Project Runway Junior it is probably good enough for this Maine gal! 

Golden Eye
Play up your eyes with a rich golden shimmer that will have your significant other staring.

This gloss looks like so much fun and it currently packed in my make-up bag for my cruise.  Stay tuned for me bronzed, relaxed and nowhere near snow wearing this shade!!

Glazen Eye Gloss in Spark
$24 via

Poppy Pout

For a fresh, floral take on the classic red lip, try a vibrant orange-red pout.

This is a fun and bold look.  I love the smooth texture!

Moisture Matte Lipstick in Ladybird

I fell like you guys have just been listening to me complain about the snow but to be honest, it is quite lovely sometimes and I do get out there and walk and snowshoe and play with the kids.  Earlier today I went for a walk in the snow/slush and I put on this gorgeous lipstick.  I might have had hat hair going on but putting on that lipstick made me feel pretty fabulous before my jaunt.  You can pick up "Plush Rush" lipstick in the shade "daring" for $22 via

I hope you all will treat yourself to some of these fun looks to freshen up your look. What is your favorite of the three?

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Lisa Queen said...

Butter London sounds like good make up. And you are right it will give a lift up from the blahs! Thanks!