Friday, March 10, 2017

Beach to Beacon Excitement! #RunMomRun

Each year I do a few different road races.  I always try and do a couple of new ones but there are a couple I do every year.  One is the Beach to Beacon.  This event is HUGE and a beautiful 10k race in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.  It is my favorite and my husband I do it together every year.  What is even tougher than the hilly, hot race is getting in!  This race sells out in under 5 minutes each year so it is high stress on registration day!

I am so happy to report that my husband and I both got in today...yay!!!  I am so excited.  I am now really turning focus on my runs and really getting back out there.  As you know from my previous posts I have really fallen off the running wagon.  I have been adding some (slow!) miles in this week and I feel really good about it.  I also lifted weights a few times. 

I am curious for those who lift you have an easy routine to share?  I would love to be more organized about my workouts but don't know where to begin.  Please point me in the right direction if you have some ideas.

Here I am from last year's Beach to Beacon (smiling through the humidity and enjoying the view!). I am hoping to beat my time from last year which was a personal best for me.  Must. Stay. Motivated.

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Laura said...

Cape Elizabeth, Maine sounds wonderful. It's great that you and your hubby can share this hobby together! :)