Saturday, March 4, 2017

Fitness Check!

Earlier in the week I shared with you that I was getting back into my fitness routine.  I am happy to say I got out there and did some running despite the cold (more on that later) but I also decided it was time for a fitness/body scan at my gym.  I figured some cold, hard numbers would motivate me.

My gym has this thing called "Styku" which is a 3-d body scanner.  It gives you all kinds of information like body fat, exact measurements of every body part, fat analysis.  It is very cool and my gym offers it for free!  I did it last February when I was running very regularly but I had not done it since.

I was not surprised by my 5lb weight gain and I was surprised and happy that I had only gained 1/2 a point of body fat.  However....overall I had gained 8 inches on my body.  This means that from my not so great eating habits and significantly lessened activity level I had gained 8 inches.  Most of it was in my middle (lovely) but it also showed up in my hips and legs.  My lean muscle was now turning more to fat and adding inches. 

The trainer told me to keep up with the running and add some weights.  I tend to just do cardio and I know in order to really get where I need and want to be I need to add some muscle.  The trainer suggested 3-4 days a week of weights, starting with the machines and then adding free weights to  the mix and told me to come back in a month for a check in.  I am hoping to lose a few inches and gain some strength.

I am feeling motivated after my meeting and am hoping to gain some more energy.  March in Maine is a bit depressing with the cold and snow and that can be a bit of a motivation zapper but I am going to force myself to keep moving so I can get back to where I was last year.  Stay tuned!

In case you are interested in Styku you can find more information on the website here.  Does your gym offer something like this?  Have you ever tried it and has it motivated you?

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