Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Printable Coupon Time!

Hi All.  I know I usually do printable coupons on Monday's but my daughter was home with swimmer's ear and I have a terrible cold.  I am playing catchup today.  Here are some great coupons to print before you hit the stores. 


$1.00 off any THREE Kelloggs Pop Tarts
$1.00 off any 2 Quaker Breakfast Flats or
$1.00 off any TWO Kelloggs Cereals
$0.75 off one Barilla
$1.50 off any 2 Tums
$1.50 off one Breathe Right
$1.00 off one Gas-x
$3.00 off one Culturelle
$1.00 off one Gaviscon
$2.00 off one Dulcolax
$3.00 off one Zantac
$2.00 off one Benefiber
$1.00 off one Ex-Lax
$2.00 off one Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra Pure
$1.50 off one AirWick Freshmatic Ultra Refill
$0.25 off one Ajax Dish Liquid
$1.00 off one Air Wick Scented Oil Refill
$4.00 off any Two Gillette Disposable Razor
$1.00 off one Differin
$2.00 off one Differin
$1.00 off one Pronamel Strong Bright
$2.00 off one Prevacid24hr
$4.00 off any 2 Venus
$3.00 off one Venus
$2.00 off one CLEAR CARE Solution
$3.00 off one Gillette Disposable Razor Pack 4 ct
$2.00 off one OPTI FREE Solution
$2.00 off one Schick Hydro Razor or Refill
$1.00 off one Colgate Toothpaste
$1.00 off one GARNIER WHOLE Blends
$2.00 off one Colgate Mouthwash
$3.00 off one Gillette System Razor Pack
$3.00 off one Daisy Disposable Razor
$3.00 off one Schick Disposable Razor Pack
$5.00 off any two Schick Disposable Razor Packs
$3.00 off one Venus
$3.00 off one Venus
$1.00 off any 2 GARNIER COLOR Sensation
$1.00 off any 2 Purina Treats
$1.00 off one Arm and Hammer Litter
$2.00 off any 2 DentaLife
$3.00 off any 2 Beneful


Save $2.00 on ANY ONE (1) Centrum® Base, Silver, MultiGummies, VitaMints, Flavor Burst, Kids or ProNutrients product (60ct or larger). Excludes Trial and Travel.Expires 3/20/2017.Save $2.00.
Save $1.50 on ONE (1) GOLD BOND® Psoriasis, Diabetics', Eczema, Rough & Bumpy, Neck & Chest, Dark Spot Min., or 13 oz Lotion (excludes hand creams and 1oz).Expires 4/1/2017.Save $1.50.
Save $2.00 on ONE (1) GARNIER® Whole Blends™ treatment.Expires 4/1/2017.Save $2.00.
Save $3.00 on any ONE (1) GARNIER® Olia® Oil-Powered Haircolor..Expires 4/1/2017.Save $3.00.
Save $2.00 ON ANY ONE (1) GARNIER® NUTRISSE®.Expires 4/1/2017.Save $2.00.
Save 75¢ on ONE (1) ZATARAIN'S® frozen entrée..Expires 4/16/2017.Save $0.75.

Happy Shopping!

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Laura said...

Good list! I'll use a few of these. Thanks!