Monday, March 13, 2017

Robo-Dog: Airborne....Coming Soon!

Are you looking for a fun family movie night pick?  I have just the one for you!  Over the weekend we watched the soon-to-be released movie, Robo-Dog: Airborne and it was a big hit!  Here is the scoop... 

“Go fetch” reaches new heights when Robo-Dog: Airborne arrives on DVD, Digital HD and On Demand on March 14 from Lionsgate. When the world’s most advanced K-9 loses his family and his memory chip, it’s up to his best friend Tyler and his scientist dad to find Robo-Dog and bring him home! In this sequel to 2015’s family film Robo-Dog, Robo-Dog: Airborne “is encouraging and inspirational for young and old alike” (The Dove Foundation). Awarded the Dove Family Seal of Approval, the DVD features limited-edition packaging, the “Ruff Cut: Behind the Scenes of Robo-Dog: Airborne” featurette, and TV’s “Minuscule” bonus episodes.
Meet Robo-Dog, the world’s coolest pet. He can run super-fast, grow a bionic arm, talk, and even fly! After creating the perfect pooch for his son Tyler, genius dad Tom (Patrick Muldoon, “Days of Our Lives”) gets called away. When Tyler and his wacky nerd friend Barry head off to a science fair, Robo-Dog runs away and has his memory chip erased. After starting a new life with a computer whiz and his adorable daughter, will this high-tech terrier ever find his way home to his rightful master?

·       “Ruff Cut: Behind the Scenes of Robo-Dog: Airborne” Featurette
·       TV’s “Minuscule” Bonus Episodes
o   “A Cruel World”
o   “Insect High Velocity”
o   “A Rolling Snail Gathers No Moss”
o   “Infernal Anthill”

You can watch the trailer here...

Our Thoughts:  We are a family of dog lovers so this movie was right up our alley.  The dog is totally adorable and we were all pretty smitten with him.  On top of high level cuteness this movie packs in plenty of adventure.  There was plenty of high jinx surrounding the running away of Robo-Dog and we all enjoyed watching the story unfold.

There are not many movies everyone in the house can agree on but this one fit the bill.  There is plenty of action, an adorable pup, silliness and many touching, family moments. This one meets all the movie night criteria in my book (and then some!) .  You can pre-order this title today from Amazon...

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Janet W. said...

I love dog movies! This looks really cute and a great family-friendly movie.