Friday, March 17, 2017

Snow, Runs & You Tube!

Happy Saturday, Readers! I have so much great content to get up on the, reviews and a some fun giveaways. This week has been a bit crazy though! We had a massive snow storm on Monday and Tuesday. Actually it was a blizzard that dumped almost 2 feet of snow on us! The kids ended up with a snow day (our 7th this year!!) and a delayed start and it was really quite lovely. We alternated between heading outside in the crazy wind and snow and playing and warming up inside with snuggles, books, board games and a bit of marathon Survivor watching. The kids now love the show and we are watching past seasons together. All in all a very relaxing and cozy day but I certainly did not get done all the things I planned to do!

My older boys have been all over me to start a You Tube channel. They think it would be fun for me to do my reviews in video format. I am not sure about that yet...what do you all think?! Would you watch me talk about a book I am reading? I might give it a shot even though I am no wiz at taking videos and I feel sure I will look like a big goofball on camera.  In any case,  you can find my channel HERE in case you want to subscribe for when I do have some content there.  I feel they will convince me to take the leap very kids are very persuasive :)!

Despite the crazy snow I did manage to get quite a few runs in this week.  Most were on the treadmill which is NOT my favorite but better than nothing.  I did 5 three mile runs.  I wanted to keep my runs at 3 because I am so afraid of hurting myself.  Next week I will be tacking more distance on each run but I am overall pleased about where I am.  I am not doing that well with adding any other exercise and/or weights into my regimen so this coming week I will be addressing that too.  I am thinking I will share my plan with you all in case you want to do it too.  The buddy system, right?!  I hope you will join me because I always appreciate the motivation!

Off to start my Saturday as I hear the house beginning to stir.  Have a wonderful day and be sure to check back later to see how I am doing playing catchup.  For now I will sign off with a few photos from our snowy week!

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Laura said...

Looks so cold! It hasn't snowed here at all this year.