Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Spring Cleaning=Safety Updates

I have been trying to work on some serious spring cleaning here at Reviewed by Mom.  It is not that I love cleaning (not by a LONG shot!) however something about the nicer weather and having the windows open inspires me to tackle some tasks I have neglected over the winter.  I have been doing some deep cleaning and attempting some purging of "stuff".  It is pretty remarkable how quickly clothes, books, toys and trinkets seem to multiply once you have a family.  I am hopeful that little by little I can reign in the overload of "stuff".

On top of the usual spring purge and cleaning I think it is also a really great time to do a safety  update.  How are those smoke detectors doing?  Are they in working order?  Do batteries need to be replaced?  While you are at it, do you have carbon monoxide detectors?  Spring cleaning time is the perfect time to check in on these very important safety monitors.  A smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector can be life saving devices but only if they are working properly.  When in doubt, it is always wise to replace older or faulty devices and you should regularly change batteries to be sure they are working optimally.  If it is time to replace any of your detectors,, has a great selection to choose from.

While you are letting the spring time air in the house and cleaning out the entryway of winter boots be sure to remember to do a safety check of your house as well.  Being proactive can save your house and your life!

**This is a sponsored post and I have been compensated for my time.  However, the thoughts and ideas represented in the article are my own. 


Lisa Queen said...

This is a great idea. You can never be too careful.

Angela Saver said...

Thanks for the reminder to check our smoke detectors! So, so important and I know many people who don't check theirs.