Monday, July 24, 2017

Save Money with Groupon Coupons!

As you all know by now, I am a gal who loves coupons.  As a family of 5, life gets expensive and I am always trying to  find the best ways to save money.  I clip coupons for the grocery store and pharmacy and use store loyalty cards to get the best prices.  I think doing this has really made a positive financial impact in  my life. 

Groupon is a site (and app) that I have long used to snag great deals.  I regularly use Groupon to score discounted activities for the kids (bowling, amusement park passes etc) or date nights for my husband and I (dinners out or theater tickets).  Groupon has saved me lots of money and allowed my family to afford to do things we might not otherwise splurge on.  I just recently learned that there is a whole other layer to!

Did you know there is such a thing as Groupon Coupons!?  Groupon Coupons is another way to save with Groupon.  Unlike services or products you can buy at a discounted fee, Groupon Coupons are free coupon codes!  There are currently over 80,000 coupons available from over 12,000.  Nope...I didn't accidentally add extra zero's....there are THAT many.  These aren't a bunch of obscure stores either, you can find all the stores you use everyday which means big savings await on things you are going to buy anyway!

When you visit the Groupon site there is a coupon section.  When you click on it you can search by store name or category or view the whole list of stores.  The list of what is available is incredible!  I have taken to checking out the lists before I do any shopping because there are deals to be had anywhere.

For example, I am ordering a couple of things from Target today.  I just checked Groupon Coupon site and I found a code that allows me to get $5 off my purchase plus free shipping!  Additionally, I was able to access the mystery deal section that allowed me to scope out some extra savings that are not widely advertised.  In all there are 47 current online or instore coupons for Target alone! 

I also REALLY want to get caught up with  my photos.  I have some really great ones and I need to do something with them.  Groupon Coupon has all the deals and coupons for Shutterfly as well so I have no excuse NOT to get some printed with all the deals to be had.  Groupon Coupon has 38 coupons right now for Shutterfly including free shipping, free magnets, 50% off photo books and 25% off your total order.  Yes please!

Visit Groupon Coupons today to save big everywhere you shop. 


John Smith said...

I will certainly look into these coupons! Thanks for the post!

Lisa Queen said...

I need to check out groupon coupons. Thanks!

wen budro said...

I had no idea that Groupon offered so many coupons to stores that I shop at anyway. I will definitely be using this program in the future. Thank you for the great information.